Our company offers solutions for all your tree concerns in Tacoma, Washington and its surrounding areas including Lakewood, Federal Way, Kent, Puyallup and University Place. We have a team of highly qualified and professional arborists who love trees and who are knowledgeable in taking care of them. Trees are important both in air purification and in providing aesthetic value, hence the need to regularly maintain and take care of them. Since trees are not able to tell you when they are sick or where they are sick, it is important to call an arborist who is able to assess your tree, diagnose it and treat it accordingly. We are well versed in traditional and updated methods in tree care and you can call us whenever you have any concerns. We mostly work in residential areas, but can also offer our services in commercial areas when called upon.

The services we offer

Tree pruning

This is the most common method people use for tree maintenance. It is done for the purpose of ensuring safety, health or improving aesthetics. Our team will do all the work for you and in the process, will remove dead wood to enhance the appearance of the tree, trim branches, and facilitate a free flow of air inside the crown of the tree.

Stump grinding

When a tree is removed, there is a stump of about 4-6 inches that is left behind. A stump grinder is used to remove the stump by grinding it up to a depth of about 6-8 inches below the grade. Our team is equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure your tree removal process happens smoothly.  

Lot clearing

reasons for lot clearing vary from individual to individual. Some want to prepare the land for new construction; some want a fresh look for their property, while others are seeking safety. Whatever your reason, we are available to make it an easy and quick process. We use the least harmful ways that leave you with the option of planting trees in case you would like to try again in the future.

Dead Wooding

This is the process of removing or cutting off dead wood from a tree. One of the major causes of dead wood is insufficient sunlight on one side of the tree. The lack of nutrients leads to the branches dying and eventually becoming hazardous. Dead wooding will help to restore the lively nature of your tree.

Removal of small and large hazardous limbs

also known as mature tree pruning. At times, you will find that the tree limbs will have to be removed due to the danger they pose like hanging too close to an electric line or near your house. Also, removal may be necessary when limbs rot and our arborist detects that there is a possibility of infecting the rest of the tree.

  • Bush trimming and grooming: besides trees, bushes also occasionally do require proper trimming and grooming to maintain an appealing look. This is especially required when the bush starts to grow unevenly or when it withers. Our experts will make your bush the envy of the block through professional care and maintenance.
  • Tree planting and fertilizing: it is wise for an individual to decide to plant trees on either their residential or commercial property. Trees stand out in any landscape. Our team will advise you on the best season to plant trees like in the fall or during winter to avoid transplant shock. We also advise our clients on the best location to plant i.e. away from structures and never over underground utilities. Our experts know exactly what forms of fertilizers to use during the first and the second growing season.
  • Tree bracing and cabling: everyday, human beings gain knowledge of trees as living things and try and come up with better and more efficient ways of taking care of them. One of the ways they do this is by making them structurally sound through tree bracing and cabling. Our team has learned the art of doing this through installing cables and rods to minimize the chances of tree failure. We do all this in accordance with the American National Standard’s Institute A 300 Standard for tree care operations.
  • Tree mulching: benefits of tree mulching include; improved outdoor appearance, weed-control, and an increase in water absorption rate. Our experts understand these benefits and are experienced in applying proper mulching techniques to maximize the benefits and leave your landscape looking beautiful and inviting.
  • Tree cutting and removal: This is the last resort when all other options are exhausted. Unfortunately, there comes a time when a tree becomes more of a liability than an asset. An arborist will do a proper tree risk assessment and decide if removal is the solution. If it is, they will find the best possible way to remove the tree effectively and safely.
  • Comprehensive healthcare involving diagnosis and treatment
  • Outdoor lighting and landscaping
  •  Disease and pest control

Why hire us

  1. We work with professionals

Our arborists are experienced in tree diagnosis and care and they receive regular training to refresh what they know and also get to learn new practices. We believe in building a good relationship with our clients and therefore, you will get to interact with a very polite and diligent team that is always ready to answer any questions that you might have.

  • We are ISA certified

Our team consists of individuals who are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

  • We offer affordable services

We have some of the most competitive prices while still maintaining high-quality work

  • We are committed to customer satisfaction

We value our customers and are therefore committed to ensuring that we give you the best service possible. Our passion for tree care drives us to align our services to cause them the least harm possible.

  • We are available 24/7

We have a 24-hour helpline which you can call anytime to book appointments and ask any questions you have.

  • We offer emergency services

We are available for emergencies, for example, emergency storm cleanups and tree removals. Tree removal services are sometimes necessary so that electrical repair services and other emergency service providers are able to access your area.

  • We do regular maintenance services

We offer to regularly come and take care of your trees at intervals decided by you. This saves you the trouble of having to take care of your trees yourself

  • We offer to prepare your trees for extreme weather and storms

We assess your trees before extreme seasons, for example, winter and also before any storms

  • We are insured

We have insurance policies that cover general liability, for example, damage to property. Our workers are also insured under Social Security Work Compensation policies as per state and federal requirements

  1. We are fully equipped

We have all the necessary materials to meet all your needs. We have cranes, bucket trucks, grapple trucks, loaders, stump grinders and much more.

  1. We are prompt

We have enough workers to ensure we respond to you within a few hours. We also leverage our experience so that we always work for you in the shortest time possible

The procedure followed.

  1. When you call us, we ask you a few questions to find out the nature of your problem and book an appointment.
  2. One of our arborists is sent to assess the actual problem. They then explain their findings and you discuss the best ways to solve the problem. You are given a verbal estimate of the expected costs
  3. We send you a written estimate of the cost together with our license and insurance declaration
  4. We work with you and come up with a suitable schedule
  5. We come and work as requested and clean up afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What can I do to a hazardous tree if I don’t want to cut it down?

The best thing to do if one does not want to cut down a tree is to call us so that we can do cabling and bracing. We do this to prevent weak stems and limbs from failing, to restore a tree, thereby prolonging its lifespan and to reduce the hazard potential.

  • Can you teach me how to take care of my trees myself?

We offer consultation and training services to our clients who want to learn how to take care of their trees themselves. We teach you all you need to know about tree growth and watering schedules and we also answer any questions you may have

  • Will this tree fall?

We cannot tell if a tree will fall without sending one of our arborists to come and assess it. You should schedule an appointment so that an arborist can come and answer this question.

  • How do you protect my property during tree removal?

Our arborists are well trained in how to work while minimizing any negative effects on your property. If you do not wish to have disruptive machinery ruining your landscape, we can cut your tree the traditional way. We also lay down protective material to minimize damage

  • Why should I prune my trees?

Trees are pruned when they become overgrown, to maintain the aesthetic property of the tree as well as to maintain its health. It is always advisable to have an arborist prune your tree for you to prevent damage to the tree and because it may be dangerous. An arborist will also have the right tools to do the job.

  • What are the alternative options for pruning?

When we come for a consultation, we will discuss with you if pruning is absolutely necessary or if you can do alternative practices such as treating the tree for pests and diseases and injecting it with vitamins

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